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Leather and nylon Newfoundland dog harnesses - Best fitting dog collars, colorful toys and durable bite tugs.
Fire Hose Dog Bite Tugs - Durable fire hose bite tugs, as well as french linen tugs, leather and even jute bite tugs for effective Schutzhund training.

Wire basket dog muzzles for your canine - Leather and wire cage muzzles for small, medium and large dogs.

Obedience training Amstaff metal collar - Besides, dog harnesses, leather and nylon collars, dog toys and sleeves.

Nylon English Bulldog collars with spikes and studs - Effective training is possible with these sleeves and bite tugs, leashes and harnesses.

French Linen tugs for Doberman training - Have fun with your pet and train him effectively with these collars and leashes, bite sleeves and covers.

Leather leashes for Dogue de Bordeaux walking - Spiked and studded collars and leashes, stitched bite tugs and strong bite sleeves.

Pitbull Training Chain Collars - Rust resistant chain dog collars for Pitbull behavior correction.

Strong and safe American Bulldog leashes - Dog harnesses and collars for everyday walking and training.
Dog training collars of leather and durable nylon - Dog training harnesses and leashes, metal training collars.
Quality pinch dog collars for correcting behaviour - Chain dog collars and extra links.
Intermediate training dog bite sleeves - Also on offer K9 protective bite sleeves and covers.
Strong leather dog muzzles for Belgian Malinois - Leather dog muzzles for Cane Corso, Amstaff, Doberman, etc.
Large wire cage dog muzzles - Wire cage dog muzzles for small and medium breeds.
Incredible design English Bull Terrier collars - Big choice of dog harnesses, bite sleeves and dog leashes.
Leather Bullmastiff bite tugs of quality material - Lightweight harnesses, reliable collars and rubber dog toys.
Rottweiler dog harnesses of durable materials - Interactive dog toys of strong materials, dog collars with tags and adornments.


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